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Playing Safe: Kids and Eye Safety

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It's of paramount importance to know what sorts of toys are the safest and the most beneficial for kids.

Children don't have a fully developed visual system at birth, but it becomes more refined over time. There aren't many things that help a child's visual development better than toys and activities that involve hand-eye coordination and learning about spatial relationships. Good toys for stimulating an infant's visual development in their first year of life include geometric mobiles or colors, and activities with detachable and changeable objects, balls, books and puppets. In the initial three months of life, babies can't fully see color, so toys with bold, black and white pictures can be really beneficial.

Children spend a lot of time with toys, so it's crucial to know if those toys are safe or not. Firstly, to be safe, a toy should be age-appropriate. Don't forget to make sure that the toy is good for their level of development. Despite the fact that companies mention targeted age groups on the box, it is up to you to make the call, and not permit your child to play with toys that may result in eye injury or vision loss.

Blocks are a really good toy for kids of many ages, but for younger children, you need to inspect them for sharp edges and corners, to lessen the chance of eye injury. Toy size is also important take note of. If you have toddlers, a toy that is mouth size is not recommended. Be on the watch for objects that can be manipulated into a smaller size as well. It's best to put small toys aside until your son or daughter is more appropriately aged.

Don't buy toys with edges or any sharp parts for young children, and if your kids have toys with long handles, like pony sticks, make sure the ends aren't sharp. Closely supervise toddlers when they play with such toys.

For kids below 6 years old, avoid toys with flying parts, like dart guns. Even when they're older than 6, always pay close attention with those kinds of toys. Whereas, when it comes to older kids who have chemistry sets or woodworking tools, always make sure they have protective eyewear.

When you're next looking to buy gifts for a holiday or birthday, take note of the company's warning about the intended age range for the toy you had in mind. Make sure that there's no harm posed to your child's eyes – even if your child really wants it.

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