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Multifocal Lenses

Presbyopia, or far-sightedness, is a common condition that usually begins to develop in those over the age of 40. If you already struggle with distance vision, and are later on diagnosed with presbyopia, you don't have to start carrying and switching between two pairs of glasses. Multifocal lenses help you see clearly always, correcting both issues with just one pair of glasses.

In the past, bifocals were the popular fix, but they have a significant disadvantage; while they correct problems with both near and distant objects, everything else is blurred. To fix this problem, progressive lenses were invented. These offer a transition region that allows you focus on distances that are somewhere in the middle. How does this work? Well, progressive lenses feature a subtle curvature, unlike a bifocal lens, which is sharply divided. For this reason, progressive lenses are also called no-line lenses.

However, it can take some time to get used to these lenses. While the gentle transition of progressive lenses is more elegant, the focal areas are quite small because the transitional areas also take up room.

Bifocals still have their uses though; they are used to treat kids and teens who have a hard time focusing when reading.

Although it may appear to be an easy solution, avoid buying pharmacy bifocals. A lot of these ''ready-made'' glasses are one-size-fits-all, which means that the both lenses contain the same prescription and are not customized for the wearer.

A badly fitted pair of glasses can lead to eye strain, discomfort and even migraines. Unfortunately, presbyopia is a reality of our bodies' aging process. But keep in mind that multifocal lenses can make all the difference.

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